Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Fresh Start

I would like to start by saying that I am writing this while wearing not only socks, but a sweatshirt! And my fingers are still cold! Yes, fall is finally here. :) I am so excited to start our new schedule and routines on Monday! I know that we wont hit 100% the first day, or maybe even the first week, but I am excited to have a goal to be working toward. :) My big goal is to make sure that my bedtime is firmly in place so that *hopefully* by the end of the week I'll be getting up at 5:30, and getting some coffee/prayer/quiet time before the day starts! I know it sounds super early, and it might be pushed back to 6:00, but Anthony is up by 6:30 most days, so in order to beat him out of bed I have to really get up early... I am hoping to have lights out by about 9:30 though, so that is still a good night's sleep. Well, there will be more to come on all of our schedules later, tonight I just wanted to share some recent finished projects. :) Oh, and also, please notice that I added the subscription option over in the right hand side bar, as well as a "search" feature. I hope that makes your blog reading a bit easier!

This is just a little pocket-sized heart. The pattern is available Here, if any of you would like to knit one. I simply love it! This one is for a friend of mine, for those days when you just need something small to hold. I think we all know those days sometimes. (Raveled HERE)

This is a flannel blanket I made for my sister-in-law Heather, who's baby shower I hosted this afternoon. It is two sides of flannel, with a satin binding. (I hope to make a tutorial for these soon, they are just the best blankets, and are SO super easy!) I also made a matching boppy (nursing pillow) cover, out of the ladybug flannel, with red piping, but I didn't get a very good picture of that.

This little love is my gift for my soon-to-arrive niece, Noelle. I had so much fun knitting him (he is my first knit toy!) and I think he turned out rather well. The variegated yarn is a lovely wool, and the pink arms and head are an acrylic/bamboo blend. He feels SO good to squeeze!

A close up of the face. I embroidered the face in the same yarn I used for his bow; it's Debbie Bliss baby alpaca in a lovely cranberry color. :) For the eyes I just used brown felt.
(Raveled HERE but you do have to have a Ravelry account to see it)


  1. I love it! All of it :-) The bear is especially darling.

    Praying your new schedule works for you!

    Lots of love,

  2. Very nice Tilly! The bear is really cute.

  3. You *made* a boppy cover?!! You must teach me how to do this :)


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