{About Me}

Hello there! I'm Mackenzie, a twenty-something wife, mama, sister, daughter, and friend. 

{In more or less that order} 

I am married to Joseph (currently working over seas until some time in the fall of 2013)...he is my best friend and polar opposite. I love him fiercely and try to over look learn from his laid back ways. *wink* Currently we have three children, Jenny (six), Bobby (four) and Nomi (one)...those aren't exactly their names, but it is what we actually call them...we also have one perfect, sweet dog... her full name --chosen by Bobby-- is "Muffin Pie Puppy Face", but we call her Muffin. We homeschool in a very eclectic sort of way...best described as 

I like need to create on a daily basis, and I encourage my children to do the same.

My chosen outlets are most often knitting, sewing, and writing...although I explore as many outlets 
as I possibly can...I work with natural fibers and love to use supplies created by other real people 
whenever possible. I'm inspired by other mamas who make the time to create in their days, and who make a point to make everything they do into a beautiful piece of their life. 

In no way do I do this all of the time, I most certainly have bad days...and worse days. It is a goal I  aspire to...a process that will fill my days. 

I'm learning the ins and outs of gluten free cooking, after learning that my youngest has some major sensitivities. Upon cutting it out, it appears that he gets it from me...I'm exploring the world of whole foods, but would hesitate to say we follow a specific diet. We like to stick with things that once grew, are minimally processed and (for the sake of my eczema) avoid anything and everything with corn...easier said than done! 

I love coffee, dark chocolate and peppermint...especially when combined.
My favorite color is purple, although I love, love, love color in all of it's forms. 
Bluebirds are my sign.
I am very, very, introverted. 
I am not good at sticking with a menu plan.
I *LOVE* writing and receiving letters-- let me know if you need a pen-pal, I'm a good one!
I have found the ultimate brownie recipe.
I love lavender.
I am absolutely, utterly, terrified of spiders.
I want to learn to play the cello.
I am obsessed with ancient Egypt...I would be an archaeologist if I could.
I think that rainbows are visual expressions of love.
I hope to one day be an herbalist.
I love my life.

Thank you for stopping by, I love to hear from you so please leave a comment! If you want to reach me, you can e-mail me at quiverfullmama@gmail.com
Other places you can find me are on Pinterest, and Ravelry



  1. I'm pretty sure that I aspire to be like you when I grow up. <3

  2. Lovely bio, I'm sure we would be friends in "real life"! From another catholic-waldorf-montessori-unschooling knitter. :)

  3. A beautiful bio, no wonder you are happy. Thanks for letting me read this. I love this family

  4. Eygptian mythology an interest? Young adult literature? The Kain Cronicals series by Rick Riordian is amazing!

  5. Hi Mackenzie! I just wandered your way from over at Rhythm of the Home and I'm pretty sure we are totally soul sisters ;) So glad I stumbled your way! Hope you and yours are having a blessed Advent :)

  6. Hello dear Mackenzie....it is Lesley, from Small Meadow Press days. I am so glad to have found you online! My favorite family to see at the old conventions and my favorite wedding invitations to design.

    It is so lovely to see you so happy and fulfilled.

    I found you via Heather's Whole Food Kitchen workshop, which I am taking, too. I hope to "see" you there often.

    Love to you and your family (your new one and your old!)

  7. Hi! I found your blog via Instagram and had to check it out based on the name of it alone. As a fellow tea drinker, I adore the name you chose. I've enjoyed reading through the archives and I hope you post again soon- I really love your blog!


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