Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I'm officially signing off here for a few days,but first I wanted to share the lovely picture above. I love the progression of faces on the angels, anticipation, marveling and then off into the Heavens singing...and Joseph looks so (appropriately!) tired! I've always had issues with shiny Nativity pictures with well rested, blonde people...ahem...most unlikely. ;) This painting is done by Brian Kershnik and might be my new favorite!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and enjoy the entire season!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Crafting:: Pajamas

Every year new flannel pajama pants are at the top of my Christmas sewing list...I have been making them for my little brothers-in-law for several years, and my kids always adore the ones they get. Who wouldn't want to curl up in cozy flannel pants?? This year I also made some for my youngest brother and sister, who my kids had in our family gift exchange.
For all of the pants I used Simplicity's It's So Easy #3554. It really is "so easy", I actually lost the instruction page, but if you've sewn any sort of pants before the construction is very basic. I really like the cuff at the bottom, as I sort of loath hemming. :) Above are my siblings' pants--Max's on the left, Zelie's on the right. I didn't get a picture, but I like to put a ribbon loop at the center back so that they can identify the front and back, since there aren't really any other indicators, but it does matter!
And these are for Joe's youngest brothers, Thomas, Matthew and John (from left to right)...fingers crossed that they all fit!! I have to make some more for my own kiddos but those have to wait for when they are sleeping! ;) (Oh, and see the baby bump peeking into the shot?Almost to the third trimester!!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitting Update part 3

In an effort to get slightly caught up before the swarm of Christmas gifts I will be sharing over the next weeks, I wanted to put up a few more knits that have been off of the needles for a while! First is Miss Jenny again, (really, I do knit for Anthony too, it's just harder to get pictures of him wearing it!!) in a modified version of the adorable Pebble Vest.
I used Lamb's Pride worsted in "Tormented Teal" and it was really nice to work with, after allot of wear it needs a shave/sweater stone to clean up some pilling but I don't mind that, and she LOVES the color! For notes on how I changed the pattern to make it fit my size 6 wearing girl, HERE is the Ravelry link. (BTW the fantastic skirt is made from the Oliver & S Lazy Days Skirt pattern!)

Then to prove that I really do knit for Bobby, here is his winter hat. ;) I made it out of Malabrigo worsted held double. The green is "Olive" and the blue/green multi is "Nostalgia". The pattern is the lovely "Thorpe" (rav link), and although it was kind of a pain to get started up at the top, it turned out just fine and over all was very fun to make. It's big on him now, so we should get a few years out of it, which is always nice! For my notes, it's HERE on Ravelry.

I hope you are all enjoying this Advent season, I can't believe that Christmas is a week away! I will be spending the weekend with my coffee and a huge sewing list, but I think I can still get everything done in time...ah the things we tell ourselves! ;) Happy last minute sewing/crafting/wrapping/decorating etc!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Knitting Update part 2

My camera died, so until I get some better pictures of other projects with my iphone's camera the knitting posts are being delayed slightly. :) However, I did finish this project last night (or this morning really), and wanted to share it since they go with the hat in the last post.
These were such a quick, simple knit! The mittens are knit on two needles (although there is an option for in the round on dpn's) and the pattern has tons of sizes, which is fun, since I want to make them for all four of us. :) Since these pictures I have joined them with a crocheted chain, that runs inside her coat so she can't loose one. The "L" and "R" were because she is trying very hard to learn her left and right, and the mittens are made with a front and back so this made it easier than remembering which was which. The thumbs did turn out to long though, so I will be more aware of that while I make Bobby's pair. I asked her if she wanted me to fix them, but she said they were "good enough" like this. ;)
The Details

Pattern: Classic Mittens from Free Vintage Knitting Patterns
Size: Child's Medium, made a bit shorter than called for, and I should have shortened the thumbs too, so if your kids have pudgy hands sort of check as you go!
Yarn: Noro Kureyon colorway 270

I've already started on Bobby's, since he wasn't exactly thrilled that these were for Jenny! His are Cascade 220 Heathers and I'm making them navy and a spruce-y green striped! I SO SO want a pair too! ;)
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