Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{Yarn Along}

Joining in with the yarn along fun today! The picture might not look like much, but now that I'm finished with the first round of baby projects, I have started first sweater!! Oh how exciting this pile of grey yarn is. I'm in absolute love so far, despite having to start it twice because of silly mistakes. I'm going with a simple top down raglan, with some customized fitting. I'm hoping this will be the perfect snugly sweater, just right for layering this winter. Ravelry details are {here} This sweater high is empowering...I have been meaning to knit myself one for some time now, and even have the yarn sitting around for two more...but the size of the project was so intimidating! Babies and kids are small...there's really very little pressure, but me? Eeek! The  siren call of the pretty yarn was just too tempting to resist however, and I figured this would be the perfect summer knitting project. A promise of cooler days ahead. We are in a heat wave right now {with no a/c} and frankly the thought of wearing wool is almost dizzying, but there is something comforting about seeing it there and knowing that before I know it I will be so glad for it's warmth. And then I start day dreaming about steaming mugs of vanilla chai, and crispy leaves, and thick socks, and I'm reminded to enjoy the hot sun while it lasts.

 Now honestly this last week has been insane and I haven't read a single word of my book. Ahem. I'm still hoping to read it before the end of June...I need to get to it! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{Crafting On:: Baby Girl Edition}

I recently had the chance to do some crafting for a friend's sweet new baby girl. Oh goodness, I knew right away that I wanted to knit a little milo vest, and there was more than enough yarn left for a matching bonnet (because obviously I am a firm believer in babies wearing hats, no matter what the season), in fact I still have nearly half of the skein left! The yarn is some lovely Luna Grey "Zeta", in the Cherry Ice lovely to knit with, I'll be looking at this yarn again for sure. {Raveled here}

This dress turned out exactly the way I had envisioned it, which is always so gratifying...and not always the way it goes!! I've had this fabric in my stash for a little while now, I think I still have enough left to edge some pillow cases or something lovely like that. I used this tutorial for it and it went really well. I was worried that they would be too small for the little miss, who is now six weeks old, but to my delight she is still beautifully tiny and should be able to wear everything for a little while! I got in some major baby snuggles at her shower on Sunday...don't you just love showers when the baby is there to hold and love? I leave you with just a few more pictures of girly frills... For more crafty goodness go check out the link up at Frontier Dreams!

Monday, June 24, 2013

{Farmer's Market}

We have fallen in love with our new Saturday morning routine of trying our best to get out the door early, piling into the car with snacks and coffee, and hitting the road to our local(ish) farmer's market. We have a pretty good drive {45 minutes each way} so we have plenty of time to fully wake up, point out every single cow/truck/motorcycle/bird/cool thing, and talk about what each child wants to spend their dollar on this week. Honestly more often it's $2.50 for a bear claw, but they are so darn good I can't really tell them no. 

My sister often comes with us, and pushes Nomi around in the stroller while Jenny browses to her heart's content and dances to the live music...whenever she finds some must-have produce they come to collect Bobby and I or to tell me how many "dollars" it is for the most amazing "fill in the blank with produce" so that she can go make her purchases. She carries a tote bag around and is just outrageously cute. Seven is so big. {I wasn't prepared for that At.All.} Meanwhile, Bobby and I make our way to our favorite stand and get most of our veggies for the week. Getting to choose his own veggies has really {REALLY} worked miracles on his willingness to try them, and he often strikes up conversations with the sellers about his favorite way to cook cauliflower. Be still my heart. A bit of wandering around always yields some other goodies {this week it was purple potatoes and raddishes.}This weekend everything seemed to have tripled...all of the produce was bigger, there was more of everything, and far more variety. Summer is here...and I think I love it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{Finished Knitting}

Oh these sweaters. We had a baby shower last weekend for not one, but two mamas, both expecting boys and due within just a few days of each other. The blue one is the Five hour baby sweater {notes here} and knit up quickly, but definitely took more than 5 hours...but that's not really an issue, because it is such simple knitting you can work on it in front of movies and while cooking and reading and hours aside, it's finished before you know it! The striped sweater is the Little Coffee Bean Sweater {notes here} and I really, really loved this pattern. I want to find (or figure out) a pattern exactly like it for myself! The gauge is perfect and it looks so nice and tidy when it's all finished. As for reading, right now I'm mostly just busy with my new washing machine. We were without for nearly two weeks and I'm just SO excited with this new one! It's our first new one ever and it's just sooooo shiny. In moments where I can find to read a line or two, I have "The Artful Parent", and "Unconditional Parenting" on my side table...I have soooo many terrific books to read, I really need to make a set time for reading every evening or I will never make it! Joining up with Ginny for Yarn Along fun!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I suppose I should narrow down those pictures, but turns out I can't. I'm obsessed. I'm working on several other projects, but since they are gifts I can't really share them yet. This rainbow though...isn't it something special? I started it with plans to pick up stitches along the edges and create a felted basket. I still might...or I might use it as a little table mat as-is...or felt it and use it as a table mat that way. Or maybe I'll hang it on the wall so I can look at it all of the time... I can't decide. (Feel free to offer your opinion in the comments!)

I'm currently attempting to read my way through these three books...although if you've ever read them you will know this is a silly plan. I need to pick one of them, grab a highlighter (or really anything except a crayon) and settle in like I'm taking a class. They are just so fabulously full of brilliant information. Information I wish I had when I started parenting, and feel like I need to learn quickly so I can do a better job with some of the issues we are working through right now. It's just that I haven't really figured out a good way to read AND parent. My brain tends to become totally consumed by one thing at a time and it's hard for me to break off one thought just because it's time for something else. You can tell this in my housework really...either the bathroom is consistently clean OR the laundry stays caught up OR dinner is promptly cooked and served every evening. It's something I'm working on... I think the key for me (or at least the first step) is in really (REALLY) reducing the amount of stuff in our home. That is my big project right now, and I have to say it's going pretty well! I'm trying to focus on filling giveaway bags instead of finding homes for things because we really do just have too much stuff in this house. I'm already feeling calmer and seeing improvements and I am excited to share the results in another week or so (it's a slow process)! 

I'm linking up with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On, and Ginny for the Yarn Along, check out their blogs for more crafting/knitting/book goodness! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

{Monday Randomness}

 {So in love with his Grammie's train set}

{I eat massive salads for lunch most days...and love it} \

 {My final view at's a pretty great one, I think}

Okay so this picture...let's not look at the epic mess that often surrounds my chair. I assure you I tidy this space up about 100 times a day, but as it is most certainly the busiest spot in the house, it (despite my best efforts) generally looks like I run a home from it...oh wait. Just look at that outrageously funny girl, in the too-big-used-to-be-mine dress, drumming her fingers and waiting for me to come out of the bathroom so that she can use the hilariously creepy line "We've been expecting you, Mommy..." I just have to wonder where on earth she gets these things!! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

{Saturday Morning}

{What pen, Eliza?}

It was funny to see that Ginny has started journaling a tiny bit every day...I've noticed that about this blogging community, ideas seem to sweep through us and then there will be a burst of posts that are hilariously related. I happened upon This lovely etsy shop full of the most beautiful handmade journals and treated myself for Mother's Day, {although had it been any other month I'm sure I could have come up with a reason to splurge, I mean, that paper alone is probably reason enough} and I am so glad I did! I don't quite write in it every day yet, but I'm working on the habit. Just a page or two every most mornings, about whatever is on my mind...plans for the day, thoughts on the day before, about the kids or house or life...just a little glimpse into my thoughts to look back on. Putting pen to paper is so satisfying, and everything about the feel of this little book is grounding. 

I thought I'd share a quick peek at my space. It's not exactly a desk, but it is the side table by My Chair as it looks this morning. A dolly jacket {made for me by my Grammy} with the ribbons needing to be untied {I remember working on those knots SO hard as a little girl and my mom probably untied them a million's funny that Jenny will have the same memory}, a sea shell bowl of whatever Nomi was cooking last night, more delicious rainbow yarn for winding {if you follow me on instagram you might be getting tired of this yarn...if that's possible}, the all important MUST NEVER GET LOST notebook, my essential morning coffee, and my favorite print... Just a little corner I've carved out right in the middle of everything...where I can work or rest or snuggle, or whatever else comes up. 

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

{30 Days Dressed:: Week One}

So these are certainly not award winning pictures, and I don't actually have a picture for today, but the idea is there, right? I am having a bit of an extra challenge this week because our washing machine died...and the new one wont be here until Tuesday? Wednesday? Obviously I am hoping for Tuesday, but the guy at Lowe's said Wednesday to be safe...I wonder how long I can keep my fingers crossed? We are also in the midst of the major ups and downs of Virginia's spring weather. So those first few days had me wishing for tank tops (and a/c) and these past two wet days have made me glad I kept out cardigans! I also learned that when you have a limited wardrobe you treat stains just as soon as possible...and that cold water run through from back to front will get blood out of most things. {Nomi split his chin open and then wiped it but it all came out!! Oh, and he is quite fine, he does it too often to be bothered much by it! BOYS} Also--aprons. How have I been living without them?? Seriously folks, I don't know why everyone doesn't just wear aprons all of the time. So over all things have been just fine, I feel dressed and pulled together, yoga pants have been reserved for major work (being extra careful without a washer right now) and over all I am really happy with things! I think long term there are some adjustments to be made but I do think I'll make it through the month just fine. Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I did slightly break the rules and I'm wearing a hat today...but it's wet and cold and my hair just...well, a hat was definitely the best option! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello there, how was your weekend?

Ours started out well, it was dreadfully hot and humid Saturday, but we are learning to save our busy tasks for morning and later in the evening, by lunch time we are slowing down and by 3:00 we are all basking under fans with books or legos or (ahem) pinterest. (Does it count as mindless pinning if you're planning interesting unit studies carefully based around your children's interests? I thought not.) Thankfully the temps are supposed to start dropping a bit and I'm anxiously awaiting those promised "highs in the low 80's" next week.

Saturday afternoon we were just about to head out on some errands (our favorite excuse to ditch the humidity and bask in our car's a/c) when the Neighbor Mama stopped by and invited Jenny and Bob to join them at the creek. A flurry of towels and swim suits later, and they were out the door and Nomi was sobbing in confusion at this betrayal of his "me too" rights. A special bowl and some raisins quickly convinced him there were some perks to having Mommy's undivided attention... The fun and excitement continued when just the two of us made our planned trip to Lowe's. You see not one, but BOTH sinks in our farm house were backing up every time we turned the water on. The dishes were piling up and the bathroom needs a scrubbing and well, TODAY WAS THE DAY. I forgot how easy errands with one delightful toddler are! No bickering, no fighting...bliss I tell you. He got the fancy car shopping cart all to himself (he shouts "WHEEEEE" whenever we are walking) and I actually had time to compare the flashy claims on the front of the drain-o type products. I remembered something Bobby had been saying to himself and decided to grab one of those long pipe cleaning pincher things too. A trip through the nursery section (that had Nomi squealing with delight) for just a few more roses, and then back over our lovely mountain to home. I had great success with both sinks, although the kitchen was particularly stubborn. The bathroom was indeed because they had dropped a toothpaste lid down the drain...handy grabber thingy to the rescue! I even got most of the dishes done before the big kids got home.

Our puppy has been sick this week, and I'm not sure if round one of antibiotics did the trick...she gets so sick from time to time; it really freaks me out to see her down. On top of all of the issues we brought her to the vet for, she has a double ear infection that she DOES.NOT. want treated. She's probably headed back to the vet early this week, because I don't want to risk a minor thing turning into a big thing again. Once a month is my limit. {Update: she seems to be doing somewhat better with the addition of probiotics at meal times, I forget the vet never sends enough...maybe we can avoid a second trip!!}

Sunday has been just...quiet. I've been working on some space improvement in our living room while Nomi played near by and the big two "cleaned their room" (read: hid from getting jobs and added legos to their already covered floor...where does the stuff come from??). Some thunderstorms rolled in later in the day and the humidity finally gave us a break. Once the kids are snuggled in for the night I'm thinking a girly movie Little Women? P&P? The other P&P? S&S? Tough choices ahead for sure...and of course there will be knitting for all of the tiny babes about to arrive in our many summer babies this year!

I hope your weekend was restorative! I'll be back to share some crafting progress as soon as the sun comes out long enough for photos...

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