Friday, October 30, 2009

Gratitude Friday

One of the blogs I'm really loving these days is Shelley's Waldorf Mama. Every Friday she does a post that I just love, called "Gratitude Friday", so I thought I would give it a try for the month of November. I wont be able to post the day after Thanksgiving, so I thought I would go ahead and get started today. Please feel free to join me!

This week I am grateful for...

~ Good health
~ Autumn clolors
~ My sister Olivia who turns 16 tomorrow!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I really really wanted to get to do WIP (work in progress) Wednesday this week, but since I had to wait until so late to take the pictures, it has turned into WIP Thursday...which, while not as catchy, will just have to do. :) While I was waiting, one of the WIP's turned into a finished project to share! Anyway, the WIP for the day is pictured above, and is one of two crowns for the prince and princess-ing that will be happening on Saturday. It is a really fun little knit, so I hope the work well! Jenny picked the costume concept this year, which worked perfectly with the supplies I had on hand. Yay for free! :)

And second is my favorite project, um, ever. Please meet our autumn nature table gnome. His name is still to be decided. :) He is SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to make lots more. :) He is from a fantastic book called All Year Round. I can't wait to do more of their projects now!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Few Finished Projects...

October is my favorite month. I just love it! So, why is it almost gone? I have been knitting up a storm lately, which does eat up a good bit of time. :) This hat was made *very*quickly* right before this little man's birthday. His age might be 7 (gasp!!), but his head is man sized...big man sized! He is big into everything outdoors, so I thought a nice wool hat would be just the thing. I used cascade 22o, and this pattern. It is "raveled" HERE. I made the BIGGEST size and it fits him perfectly. :) And as a synesthete, being able to make my "red" brother the perfect shade of red hat makes me very happy!

Next off the needles were these gloves for Bitty (the photo was her way of saying thank-you). I modified this pattern, and you can see them on ravelry here. I used Knit Picks' City Tweed yarn, I really love everything I've gotten from them! (I'm actually working on a cardigan for each of my kids in their Wool of the Andes bulky yarn!)
Then just for good measure, here is Mr. Anthony with my sister Eliza (visiting home from college)
And my Jenny and my sister Zelie...or as they prefer, "Dora and Diego" respectively. ;)

The dinner timer just beeped, so that's all for today!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Tuesday we celebrated Michaelmas. It was our first year to do so, so I'm sure our traditions will vary a bit as they get established, but we had so much fun, I'm already looking forward to future years. :) We combined some Catholic, and Waldorf traditions, as well as a few we found in blogland. I'm still finding my footing for this holiday, but here is what we did...
Lots of capes were worn, because all of the art of St. Michael shows him wearing a cape, the kids loved running around in the wind in capes!
Little boys capes are very hard to photograph...

Jenny and I made the dragon bread. Although is is the feast of the Archangels, there seems to be allot of St. George and the dragon thrown into everyone's traditions. Hence the dragon bread. When we ate it we dipped it in marinara sauce for "blood"...the girls didn't really get it, and the boys loved it!

This really is 98% Jenny's creation. That's the head over there on the left (with both eyes and nostrils, lest you be confused, lol), legs, tail, spikes etc. We just used our regular pizza dough recipe and it worked great! We joined my family for dinner of harvesty minestrone soup and dragon food, followed with blackberries and angel food cake trifle, and devils food chocolate cake. :) You see, it is the traditional day that St. Michael threw the devil out of Heaven, and tradition has it that he landed in a blackberry bush. So Michaelmas is the last day of the year to eat fresh blackberries. We had so much fun! We will definitely celebrate it again next year. I'm really looking forward to Martinmas on November 11th now! It's a bit of a bigger celebration (well, in the areas that celebrate these days!), and we will do more for it, but that's probably better to save for a post closer to the day.


When I turned the camera on to show Joseph the pictures from the day (he had to work late), I found that Jenny and Anthony had gotten a hold of the camera (!!!) and done a little photo shoot. There was a hysterical series, but most of them were really out of focus. Jenny clearly had Anthony sit on the sofa and then took many, many pictures of him. Then (I guess she's been watching me to closely!) she had walked around the room taking pictures of "interesting" things. ;) This was the very first one...taken right next to where the camera was. I love the "accomplice" grin on his face!
So yeah, it's a good thing I discovered this after they were in bed already or else there would have been really bad positive re-enforcement! Joe and I laughed until we were crying. Oh those Doodles...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Ten

These are the top ten things on my sewing list:
  1. Flannel lined overalls for Anthony (three or four pair, plus at least one pair for church)
  2. Shopping cart cover
  3. Winter skirts for me!!
  4. Picnic blanket/basket set for my friend's wedding
  5. Flannel pajamas for both of my boys
  6. Flannel sheets for Jenny and Anthony
  7. Binding on Anthony's quilt
  8. Church dresses for Jenny and my nieces
  9. Winter tops for me
  10. Aprons!!
And these are the top ten on my knitting/crocheting list:
  1. Felted slippers for Jenny and Anthony (1 slipper down, 3 to go, then felting!!)
  2. Finish scarf for Joseph
  3. Scarf and hat set for Jenny
  4. Hat & arm warmers set for Rose
  5. Arm warmers for Bitty
  6. Winter hat for me
  7. Finish Anthony's teddy bear
  8. Make sweaters for our Martinmas celebration (gifts for the Doodles)
  9. Sweater for me--not 100% on the pattern yet, but something cozy and very wearable/mommy friendly :)
  10. Hat for Joseph
What's on your crafting lists?
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