Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday: A few firsts

I could probably split this into two posts, but I figured you wouldn't mind me showing off my finished project too? It just so happens to by my first felting project...

Jenny's slippers
At first they looked nothing like slippers and I really had my doubts, despite all of the cute finished project pictures on Ravelry...
But I continued on and after lots of (bad) seaming, I was rewarded with two BIG slippers. I made the children's size, and they were much bigger than my hand before felting. Then came three or four trips through the washer and dryer....
and *poof* they were slippers! :-D I'm not sure who loves them more, Jenny or myself. :)
Her toes go right up to the start of the pointy bit, so there is still some growing room, but they fit her nicely around, and honestly, now that she has them I'm not sure I could get them away for any more felting. :)
I used this pattern: Felted Slippers child sized
With Cascade 220 wool (pink is 7802 and grey is 8400)
They are raveled here

Jenny's Mittens
Now for the WIP's, first up are my first mittens! The pattern is a vintage one my mom found that is like the one her mom used to use. A nice, basic two needle mitten. They are to go with Jenny's hat. The lighting isn't great in this shot, but the yarn is the same as her hat. I am not thrilled with this first thumb, but I'm not sure what I did wrong...if I don't figure it out soon I'll just leave it wonky and fix it for the next one. I d like the pattern over all though, but I think I'll try the version that is knit in the round next time. After I finish this pair, I will be making these brilliant ones for Anthony (maybe with this hat?).

I'm using this pattern: Classic Mittens (two needle version)
With yarn from See Jayne Knit Yarns (Apple of My Sky)
and Knit Picks Shine Shine Worsted in Harbor (discontinued color)
They are raveled here

My 1st Shawl
I'm So excited about this project! I first saw it back in February when SouleMama made hers, and I thought "that looks easy enough for me to do!" I finally got the yarn a few weeks ago, but just got the chance to start it yesterday. The pattern says to split the yarn in to two balls and then you alternate between them for stripes, but I just adore the gradual color changes, so I left mine as one ball. I. Love. It. It is SO easy, and the colors are so magical that it's hard to work on anything else. :) The yarn changes from pinks to browns, to greens, to oranges... <3

I'm using this pattern (rav. link): Simple Yet Effective Shawl (fingering weight)
With this yarn- (not purchased from this link): Noro Silk Garden Sock (color S84)
And it's raveled here

Thank you all for looking! I have a few other things going, but I think that's good for today. :)


  1. I love the colors in those mittens! I must admit, when I saw the first couple pictures of the slippers, I was kind of thinking, huh?! I can't believe how much different they look once they are felted! They are adorable!


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