Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26

This is from a week or so ago...taken during that brief time of day when he isn't being....well, an almost two year old boy! ;)

This is Jenny from the first night she slept in her big girl bed. I'm working on a quilt, and I'm planning on making several throw pillows so that she can use it like a day-bed (it's the top of a bunk bed). I'm having fun choosing art for her walls. When we rearranged the room to fit the bed we had to clear the walls for the new layout anyway so I thought it would be a good time to choose some art prints. :) I'm thinking of some Monet for sure, I just have to decide on the size, and how many pieces to get. (I plan on getting them from, but I want to check the website of the National Gallery.)

I love those chocolatey brown eyes!! :) This is the Little Miss from a few weeks ago, in her new-ish hat. She asked for another one today, in red, to "help her get feeling better." ;) How could I say no to that?? The pattern is here. (BTW Caroline, this pattern is really easy, and worked back and forth/flat instead of in the round, so I think you could def. do it! And the super bulky yarn makes it go really fast.)
This is a knit for me! It's a wide headband (next time I'll make it a bit narrower), and I love that it's designed to cover the wearers ears! :) Livie died the yarn for me as a Christmas gift using this tutorial, and I love how it worked up for this. The pattern can be found here. I was a bit worried at first, but once you're actually working on it the directions are perfect. :) I want to make Jenny a smaller one with the rest of the yarn!


  1. I'm partial to these few.... ;)

  2. Your babies are SOOOO precious!!! I can't wait for you to all be all better!! I'm excited that Miss Jenny is in a big girl bed, how awesome!

  3. Thanks for that pattern. Did Livie use the koolaid method to dye that yarn? It is so pretty! I hope the doodles and In their beds more than Out!

  4. Too Cute! I'm loving the hat and head band :-)

    When I put Fiona in her big girl bed, we used a top bunk as well. Worked great...until she jumped on it last year and broke it ;-)

    I may have to make that hat...for some cute babe :-)

    Hope all are feeling better!

    Lots of love,


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