Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jenny's New Dress

Okay, so since the pictures uploaded backwards, you get the peak at my current project first instead of last...no time to fight with blogger today! I'm sure you'll understand?
I completely love my rotary cutter and mat! Pink is definitely one of the best colors out there!
(organic vanilla chai in my favorite mug ~*yum*~)
Exciting stuff that! Hopefully I'll have more progress to share with you soon! Back to the regularly scheduled programing...

This has to be my favorite sewing project for a while now; it was such a sweet pattern and fits just exactly like I wanted it too. Isn't it nice when everything works?? I used an older pattern from my mom's stash; McCalls P465 from their 130th anniversary collection. For those interested, if you Google it there are lots of patterns available from small shops and on etsy; there is one with sizes 3-6 and one with 8-14. I made her a size 3, with the size 4 skirt length and it's the perfect length on her...she's not especially tall, I just like to start a dress with as much growing room as possible! The only other change I made was to eliminate the neck facings (hate them) and replace them with single fold bias tape that hand sewed down. The lace you can see at the neck is from the slip I made her with McCall's 4505, view A, (which I loved btw, very sweet and easy!). I'm excited to make her a few more dresses like this once I make some more progress on a few other projects. This should hold her for now though! Now for more pictures of my beautiful girl in her blue dress...

I just love that girl!


  1. I hate facings too! Horrible pesky things ;-)

    The dress really is quite lovely. I really need to get some dresses made for my girls. They've sprouted quite suddenly it seems!

    And I just have to say, I LOVE your rotary cutter! Oh.my.gosh. So sweet.

    Have a lovely day my friend!


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