Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Crafting:: Pajamas

Every year new flannel pajama pants are at the top of my Christmas sewing list...I have been making them for my little brothers-in-law for several years, and my kids always adore the ones they get. Who wouldn't want to curl up in cozy flannel pants?? This year I also made some for my youngest brother and sister, who my kids had in our family gift exchange.
For all of the pants I used Simplicity's It's So Easy #3554. It really is "so easy", I actually lost the instruction page, but if you've sewn any sort of pants before the construction is very basic. I really like the cuff at the bottom, as I sort of loath hemming. :) Above are my siblings' pants--Max's on the left, Zelie's on the right. I didn't get a picture, but I like to put a ribbon loop at the center back so that they can identify the front and back, since there aren't really any other indicators, but it does matter!
And these are for Joe's youngest brothers, Thomas, Matthew and John (from left to right)...fingers crossed that they all fit!! I have to make some more for my own kiddos but those have to wait for when they are sleeping! ;) (Oh, and see the baby bump peeking into the shot?Almost to the third trimester!!)


  1. Those are great Tilly! I especially love Zelie's fabric :-)

    And, oh my can't be that far along already?! What dainties do you need my dear for this wee one? Anything my crafty skills(albeit challenged) can do for you?

    Lots of love,

  2. LOVE the baby bump! Great photo of the grandbaby. Thomas was discussing giraffes today... You got the right print!


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