Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Crafting On}

Last weekend when I went to the fiber festival my children each sent a request for a special yarn of their own. Bobby of course asked for rainbow colored yarn, or anything orange. I scoured the entire fair, that's three large fairground buildings full of fiber + the outside vendors! I finally (thanks to the help of my sister and her hubby) found the perfect rainbow yarn. (As a bit of an aside/vent, why oh why do dyers always make the red in rainbow yarn pink?? I don't especially mind my boys wearing pink or anything, but my children DO mind that what is supposed to be red is pink. We're rainbow enthusiasts around here...) Back to the yarn...I made the "Wintry Weather Cowl" in "Rhythm of the Family" and I'm sure I'll be making more. Bobby loves it and has been wearing it daily, and I love that it only took about four hours to knit! Much less fussy than a scarf, just as warm, and can be warn at all hours of the day or night...perfectly simple for this no-nonsense four year old!

{And this picture is a few days old, I have taken "September" down and replaced it with "October"}

This next project was inspired by Melanie, I saw her adorable leaf gnomes and couldn't wait to make our own garland! The kids had a bit of a hard time doing the leaf rubbings, but I able to just cut the out a leaf shape out of their leaf-oid (that's totally not a word) rubbings and it worked really well.  I have it hanging over our nature table and I just love it. I'm already thinking of variations I can do for other seasons...I could literally spend the rest of my life drawing gnomes and be perfectly happy! 

And I'm still loving my cross stitch! I'm working on the little flowers above the "t" now, despite my late start I'm keeping up pretty well. It's just so much fun, and Jenny is itching to learn! Any thoughts on when would be a good age to start learning counted cross stitch?

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  1. The leaf gnome garland is wonderful! We may have to make one of those! : )

  2. oh the garland is wonderful! I love the cupboard where you've got them hanging.
    My 5 year old had a bit of trouble with the leaf rubbing too- it can be difficult to get it just right. No matter, he was proud of it!
    The needle point is beautiful!
    'Love, Melanie

  3. I love all those deep rich colours in the rainbow wool!

  4. Love the garland. My little man would love that rainbow wool :)

  5. Bobby sounds like a boy after my own heart! I love anything rainbow or orange myself.
    Your garland is just adorable and the perfect touch for this time of year.

  6. I really would like to go to a fiber festival, but I'm afraid of how much yarn I would by.

  7. fiber festival... so jealous. i wonder that about rainbow yarn as well. maybe it is hard to get a red red, or maybe they think only girls will want it?
    i love your gnomes and your hutch... PERFECT! oh, and the cowl is really great as well.

  8. I love all your projects! We made leaf garlands last year too, you have inspired me to make them this year again :)
    Your little boy looks so sweet and cosy in his new cowl!

  9. Ive had that same rainbow pink\red complaint as well. I found a lovely red in the rainbows of the yarn Mochi. Mini mochi and mochi plus from crystal palace yarns. Hope that helps! The cowl is lovely though, so are the leaf gnomes!


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