Thursday, May 9, 2013

{Pumpkin Bars & Cream Cheese Frosting}

I think these kids are more better than not...but we certainly aren't 100% yet. There are still very, very, low appetites, lots of napping, and the occasional bathroom dash. Between that and three straight days of rain this mama needed a bit of a pick me up. The roads were flooded, even if they weren't too sick to be put in the car so I decided to scrape together some of our remaining groceries (please be better so we can grocery shop babies, we are out of everything!!), and I made these wonderful pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. I changed up the recipe a bit to make it a teensy bit healthier, but I's still cake and frosting. With a big glass of milk and a few episodes of Dawson's Creek (giggle), it was just the thing. Just excuse these iphone pictures, my camera is off on a fabulous adventure with my sister in Dublin. ;) (Yes, I'm waaaay jealous.)

Thank you all for your sweet words yesterday, it was good to hear from you ladies! <3 p="">


  1. Put a pot of tea on, I am on my way over...those look delish!

    Glad everyone is on the mend.

    1. As long as you promise you wont be sick while you're here!! Let's just say the cake is better the first time around... ahem.

  2. I have a recipe like this I got from a friend and it is one of my all time favorite recipes ever. I've gotten compliments every time I've made it.


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