Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Ten

These are the top ten things on my sewing list:
  1. Flannel lined overalls for Anthony (three or four pair, plus at least one pair for church)
  2. Shopping cart cover
  3. Winter skirts for me!!
  4. Picnic blanket/basket set for my friend's wedding
  5. Flannel pajamas for both of my boys
  6. Flannel sheets for Jenny and Anthony
  7. Binding on Anthony's quilt
  8. Church dresses for Jenny and my nieces
  9. Winter tops for me
  10. Aprons!!
And these are the top ten on my knitting/crocheting list:
  1. Felted slippers for Jenny and Anthony (1 slipper down, 3 to go, then felting!!)
  2. Finish scarf for Joseph
  3. Scarf and hat set for Jenny
  4. Hat & arm warmers set for Rose
  5. Arm warmers for Bitty
  6. Winter hat for me
  7. Finish Anthony's teddy bear
  8. Make sweaters for our Martinmas celebration (gifts for the Doodles)
  9. Sweater for me--not 100% on the pattern yet, but something cozy and very wearable/mommy friendly :)
  10. Hat for Joseph
What's on your crafting lists?

1 comment:

  1. Here are the top 10 things on my sewing list:
    1) Ring emblem on my uniform
    2) Ring emblem on my other uniform
    3) Ring emblem on Zane's uniform
    4) Ring emblem on Max's uniform
    5) Ring emblem on Zac's uniform
    6) Ring emblem on Joseph's uniform
    7) Button on my Scout pants
    8) Button on my other Scout pants
    9) Cubmaster knot on my second uniform
    10) OA flap on my uniform

    Whew! I'll be exhausted when Mama, you and Ducky are finished!



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