Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Few Finished Projects...

October is my favorite month. I just love it! So, why is it almost gone? I have been knitting up a storm lately, which does eat up a good bit of time. :) This hat was made *very*quickly* right before this little man's birthday. His age might be 7 (gasp!!), but his head is man sized...big man sized! He is big into everything outdoors, so I thought a nice wool hat would be just the thing. I used cascade 22o, and this pattern. It is "raveled" HERE. I made the BIGGEST size and it fits him perfectly. :) And as a synesthete, being able to make my "red" brother the perfect shade of red hat makes me very happy!

Next off the needles were these gloves for Bitty (the photo was her way of saying thank-you). I modified this pattern, and you can see them on ravelry here. I used Knit Picks' City Tweed yarn, I really love everything I've gotten from them! (I'm actually working on a cardigan for each of my kids in their Wool of the Andes bulky yarn!)
Then just for good measure, here is Mr. Anthony with my sister Eliza (visiting home from college)
And my Jenny and my sister Zelie...or as they prefer, "Dora and Diego" respectively. ;)

The dinner timer just beeped, so that's all for today!

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