Friday, January 15, 2010

A few more finished items...

Wow, three finished knitting items in one week! To be sure I didn't start them all this week or anything, but it's very exciting! :) These gloves are my very first knit project for myself, (!!) thanks to the motivation of the "One For Me" ravelry group (read more about it at Hillary's blog HERE). I used Malabrigo yarn in the "Emerald Green" colorway, and THIS simple pattern. I think they took a little less than four hours to knit. Ravelry link HERE. I'd like to use the rest of the yarn to make THIS cowl (find it on Rav. as the Gloria Cowl) to go with them, doesn't it look cozy?
Next up we have Jenny's new fingerless gloves, made with leftover yarn from her sweater. These were simple and quick, and are my first attempt at cables!! I don't have any pictures of her wearing them yet, but I'm hoping to get some soon. I used THIS pattern (that fit her 3/4 year old hands perfectly, but I'll definitely add 3 or 6 more stitches next time for a little bit of growing room. Ravelry link HERE.

Well thank you all for looking! I have a bit of birthday knitting for Joseph to get finished up next, but I wont post pictures until his after his birthday, so that's probably it for a while, but you never know, I might do a little extra knitting on the side. ;) I have several sewing projects that I need to get started (and finished) though, so I'm sure I'll be able to share more finished projects soon! Have a great weekend...



  1. Those are great! And you go girl..three projects in one week...awesome!!!!

    I still have a shawl from....2007...that needs to be finished. Maybe I'll go get to it tonight :-)

  2. Wow! Well done!!! I love fingerless gloves. So neat, and you can still work those little car seat buttons with them on :)

  3. Congratulations on your project! I have been loving my armwarmers.


  4. Wonderful blog! I love your knitting projects. :)
    Jennifer -


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