Monday, January 18, 2010

Where is my baby, and who is this boy?!?!

Today was the inevitable first haircut.... for both children! Jenny just got a gentle trim to remove tangly ends of baby hair, but Anthony's was a bit more drastic. Having not one but two hair swirls, causing not one but two parts, long(er) hair just isn't an option for him. I thought about putting it off until Easter, or his 2nd birthday, but then I realized that I would just spend the next few months dreading it, so I decided to just get it all done on one day. I'm glad I did. I think. It wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't instantly turned into such a little boy!! I do love how much more animated his face appears though, such a sweet, adventurous little guy! I'll try to get a good picture of Jenny's hair. It's so cute, still past her shoulders, and now it flips out at the bottom. :-D


  1. What a sweetheart! He's all smiles and so happy with his new haircut! I bet Jenny looks beautiful, too. Hugs and kisses to all. Sorry I missed you all over the weekend!

  2. To be honest, I don't really see a difference, but he's definitely happy about it. =D

  3. Look at your little guy!! He's so handsome!!! :)


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