Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun project...

I know that this is a dreadful photo, but I had to share my find right away! I am working in my kitchen this month, which means restocking the necessary linens. I have some how made it nearly five years with just one pair of potholders. They (at best) look well loved. So I've been spending some of my nursing time browsing ravelry for a good pattern. The criteria was; cute, thick, made with already-in-my-stash cotton yarn. I found this pattern and I l-o-v-e it! (Rav link here) The one picture above is for a swap I'm in, made as a tester. It's so cute, and so very quick that I'm having fun making them for my own kitchen now. I have an ample stash of cotton "peaches and cream" yarn that I'm trying to use up so restocking my pot holders and washcloths is perfect timing wise. I will share better pictures soon; I want to finish my current work in my kitchen and then take you on a little tour. :)

Okay, back to browsing ideas for far I like the ideas of this one and this one (etsy links). I'm working on the atmosphere of our meals, and I thought that a variety of place-mats would be a fun way of doing that!


  1. Bravo and thanks for the inspiration. Some of my potholders are almost as old as you! XOXO

  2. I love taht potholder. I need to make some for us but not until my husband stops using them as dishrags!!!


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