Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

For whatever reason Blogger wont let me rearrange the pictures today, so you will be getting them in reverse order. :) So first, thanks to the great free pattern at Wee Wonderfuls, I was able to make these two cute little guys for the kids. I used scraps and they turned out so very cute! I made Anthony's like they said too, but I thought that Jenny's was cuter with the "back seam" as a "nose". I stitched them by hand so that they wouldn't be woken up by the sewing machine...I certainly need to practice more, but I had a fun time working on them.

(Jenny has named her bunny "Snack")
My sweet babies all ready to go to Mass. I actually kept Anthony home (I went to the Vigil) because of his cold/cough but Jenny went with Joe. She was very excited to get to wear a necklace that was given to me for my baptism (when I was about her age). Just a teeny tiny gold cross, but she felt very fancy! Anthony sat so nice and still for his haircut yesterday! He likes doing everything "just like Daddy" so he was very excited to show me how nicely he could sit. These two are just the best. :)


  1. So sweet! Now I know what Jenny meant when she said she wanted "snack"! The coffee cake was yummy. Thanks for bringing it; also, some of the flowers on the mantel are for you...sending them with the pan. Love to all!

  2. Lovely bunnies!!! They are too cute. I really like how you used the seam as a nose :)


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