Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Gifts:: A boy and his hat...

Anthony l-o-v-e-s this hat. He put it one when he opened it, and hasn't taken it off the extent that he slept in it all night!
I made up the pattern for this one too, an improvement on the last hat (fit wise at least), and I think I have the pattern worked out now! I'll be sure to let you know when I get it posted! The yarn is Jelli Beenz, I normally wouldn't have gone for the acrylic yarn, but I got this yarn a few years ago when I was still scared of wool. It is pretty soft though, and he loves it, so it's all good. I'm considering making him socks with the rest of it, since I got 3 skeins and this only used most of one.
My doodle bugs reading new birthday books this morning. Aren't they just the cutest things? Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, my camera is MIA, so these are from my iphone...I need to get a better camera app!


  1. More cute hats! Love it! Can I stop by in the am? Maybe with lattes for you and dh (ds!)?

  2. Again...too cute! I am scared of wool too! I get itchy..just thinking about it ;-) I want to try it and I want to try alpaca!

    Oh, and Grammie! You sound like the best ever!!! Someone needs to come by in the AM and bring ME lattes ;-)

    Lots of love,


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