Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Crafting On}

Joining up with Nicole from Frontier Dreams today for her new crafty show 'n' tell series...head over to see some more amazing projects and can you believe her son's gnome hat?? I'm in love! So, please excuse my cruddy pictures, I should (FINALLY) be getting my camera next week and then you'll have to endure my immersion from withdrawal...consider yourselves warned. 

First up, we have a pair of legwarmers for my adorably roly-poly baby. He spends a ton of time on my back in our ergo and his legs are always cold, whether because his pants have ridden up or (more likely) because he's just chillin' in his shirt and socks. He's at that point where he hates having stuff covering his legs and slowing him down. I'm all for it, but he's also erm...much rounder than longer at this stage of his life, so it's hard to find pants that fit both his equator tummy and aren't two inches too long. I used This free pattern, but I used some stash odds and ends, the grey is cascade 220 and the red and blue are lamb's pride worsted (maybe my favorite work horse yarn?)  The best part is that I can snag them in a pinch for arm warmers!

This is my current WIP (work in progress), the much requested Phoebe Sweater for my Jenny-bug. She got the book two Christmases ago and has been waiting so patiently for me to find the right yarn and get started.  At long last it is well underway. She's so excited about it, often offering to play with her baby brother in exchange for me knitting...well okay if you insist... *wink* I'm using Lamb's Pride Bulky and LOVING it...about half way through it now! It's a delightful project, with lots of instant gratification on size 10-1/2 needles, and oh that yarn...it's understated but dreamy...I'll spare you my gushing...for now.

 Can you hear my excitement here? I found this yarn AT MY COFFEE SHOP. Yarn. at a coffee shop!! Oh boy. I've been trying to find this yarn locally for a few years now, and there it was...calling to me and my peppermint mocha to bring it home...I just couldn't disappoint these beauties! And this is also a sneak peak at something give away related...details to come in the next week or so! What are you crafting?


  1. those legwarmers on chubby legs are the cutest:) beautiful yarns

  2. Mackenzie - thank you for your sweet words <3 Gotta love baby legwarmers and the Phoebe, eeeeeek! I can't wait to see it. I still have to block and photograph ours. I'm just a bit behind...ahem.

  3. Those leg warmers are adorable! We have the same squishy leg issue with our baby...and so she wears leg warmers every day!

    Love the wool! They make such lovely soft wool...I love knitting with it! :)

  4. chubby baby legs are the.best! And that yarn is so lovely!

  5. Ooh! Fat baby legs! Haha Too cute for words :) xoxo, e

  6. Aw, baby legwarmers! How cute!

    Love the yarn you got, how cool that your coffee shop sells it! My post office sells yarn, but it's all acrylic, nothing as gorgeous as Manos.

  7. Your yarn is so beautiful!! And I love those leg warmers I might just have to knit some up for my little one on the way. How awesome is that yarn at a coffee shop...I will need to throw some hints at our local coffee shop...I think your shop is on to something!!!

  8. Equator! ROFL!!! Love those chubby little baby legs! Hugs and kisses to all!


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