Friday, August 10, 2012

A Sweater Tale...

Once upon a time...there was a mama and aspiring blogger who had a plan. She was going to knit a soft and fluffy shirt for her soft and fluffy baby. And so she did...row by row, nap time by nap time, late night by late night, she knit away until at last it was finished. Usually this mama put off blocking her knitting projects, but not this time! She was so determined to get this soft and fluffy shirt on her soft and fluffy baby that she blocked it before the week was finished! It fit!! It was exactly what she had pictured! She squished her squishy baby into the fluffy shirt and {despite loud protests from the fluffy baby's older siblings} she took *only him* outside to take a few pictures. She had visions of a few quick clicks and a content baby combining to make some cute blogable pictures. Oh what a silly mama she was! That baby was so excited by the outdoors...but what is this?? He did *NOT* like walking on grass. Not even one little bit. And so every time the mama set up her camera for a picture, he would toddle to her and try to stand on her feet to get off of the grass. Then the mama realized she hadn't gotten lunch off of his face, in her excitement to take his picture. It was about this time that the mama heard great wailing and gnashing of teeth from her older children...the ones with their tear streaked faces pressed up against the window by the door for the world to see. Their faces had lunch on them too. And so the mama picked up the squishy, fluffy baby and carried him inside and a great scrubbing up party began. Life went on as normal, eventually the mama uploaded the pictures and realized that toddlers are very hard to capture with a camera (or anything else), but that his cuteness would make up for her lack of photography skills. Then chaos took over their life and they moved to an adorable farm house in the mountains and the mama forgot all about the pictures, and the blog and for a while, even the shirt. Until today that is...because she is once more knitting something for that very same squishy baby...something that she will be blocking before the week is out...and she is once again determined to get some blogable pictures... The End *wink*

Ravelry details are Here, and I found the yarn Here!


  1. Love this post! You should write children's books (squishy-squashy)! Love everyone...HUGS!!!!

  2. Haha, you certainly had an adventure to capture these photos! They look great and the sweater is absolutely gorgeous.


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