Thursday, August 30, 2012

{ten things}

1} Late girls nights with my sister while she's living with me...all too soon she will be a few states away, so I'm glad I get to soak up letter writing parties + netflix/hulu nights with her while I can!

2} Watching Nomi become a toddler. I obviously have mixed feelings about this, but he is such a funny kid, possibly the most like me yet (oh boy)...He has so much love to share with all of us, loves loves LOVES water play...and while I'm not crazy about this sudden (and out of the blue!!) punching thing he's might be the funniest self expression any toddler has ever done. The hardest thing I've had to do yet as a parent is tell him not to do it...and not laugh at the same time. I have no excuse for myself...if you saw him you would giggle too, I'm positive. 

3} All of the signs of fall...from twirly yellow leaves if you stand at the window long enough, to new (green!) shoes, to the not as dreadfully hot weather...fall is definitely right around the corner. 

4} When we moved I thought I was going to miss one thing in particular very, very much. The rainbows. Our last house was positioned in such a way that we had *the best* views of the most amazing rainbows. I bet that in the four years we were there I took a hundred pictures of rainbows. We moved over a mountain (almost in a straight line)...and wouldn't you know, the view is even better here? Scientifically I'm not sure how that's possible, but this is the view out the back door right after an afternoon storm. love

 5} Baked goodies! I'm still digging out the kitchen and making it make some sort of sense...down sizing (the theme of life these days), adding a shelf or two, rearranging... despite it not being "done" yet, it feels good to take a few minutes and pretend it is...just long enough to bake. However, on days when we aren't up to baking on top of the mess we are loving Mama Mead's gluten free baked awesomeness (her brownies are to die for!!)...I'm so glad she ships. :)

6} Instagram. Do you have it? If you do, look me up! (I'm mackenzieh87) I'm set to private, but so long as you aren't a sketchy spammer I'll approve you. *wink*

7} My kids spied headlamps at Costco while we were doing our grocery shopping...they wear them constantly...including when they come into my room at night for a's not exactly my favorite way to be woken up but they're quite cute so it's okay. *wink*

8} Bunny slippers. We both have them...I might get them in every size so she will always have them. When she's really getting under my skin I tell her to go put her slippers on...I think it helps both of us to be nicer. (Target fyi)

9} Coffee!! Although I have mostly given up caffeine, I'm not over it completely...hopefully soon! In the mean time I can't get enough of hearing Bobby ask for a sip of "frappuccino" in his sweet four year old voice.

10} New books...I haven't read many, well Jenny was born honestly. However for a small window of my life all three kiddos have bedtimes and I'm not nursing anyone or pregnant and exhausted so I have my very own reading time again! I have a few parenting books going as well...I'll share my thoughts once I've finished them. So far they're absolutely wonderful...

What are some things you're loving right now?


  1. What a lovely, lovely list! Each point one made me smile. Life really is good.

  2. So good to see what you're up to! Hugs and kisses all around!


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