Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Corners of my Home}

Although I'm far from finished with all of the corners of this little house, I thought it would be nice to share a few of the cozy spots that are complete. {I'm hoping to share weekly, so if you want to show off your corners please join me and leave a comment with your post!} This is our mostly-finished family craft space. I say mostly because we will no doubt tweak a thing here or there as we really use it, but so far it is working wonderfully! The cabinet itself came to me from my was in her house as long as I can remember...and it always housed her many tea sets. We had many wonderful tea parties (after carefully choosing exactly which tea set we wanted to use!) when we were little, and it has always been a favorite piece of mine. When she offered it to me I was thrilled! My own special tea set now sits happily on the top shelf, out of reach of the smallest fingers, but easily accessible for frequent use.  

Below that is our paper shelf. I obviously have a monster stack of construction paper {from costco}...this will last us a while and will be well loved. We also have an assortment of tracing paper, drawing paper, printer paper and even some much loved marbled paper. My kids love to create special things ~ which makes sense with my constant project-ing ~ so it's important to our family that they have plenty of supplies that are easily accessible. I don't keep the water color paper's pricey (even though I love using the 40% off coupons at Michael's and Hobby Lobby to get their big pads) and they just go through it too quickly if they have free reign. I just got the idea {in the comments of this great post} to half or quarter those sheets which makes perfect sense to kids don't really use the entire page for one painting most of the time and that will really stretch it out! I also keep their letter writing basket there, I've just finished pulling together this basket, full of prefilled address labels to their favorite people, their own stationery and some of these stamps. I just need to add photos to help my non-readers more easily find which labels are for which people and then I'll share a better peek at that!

The bottom shelf holds our empty main lesson books {not for free reign either, but too large to fit anywhere else!}, and our table mat/drop cloth and art smocks (I can't wait to make some, but we were given some of the standard crayola ones that work quite well), and a basket with odds and end art supplies that don't fit well anywhere else. I know I have another box of art supplies *somewhere* so this shelf will likely get wiggled around a bit more once I find know jingle bells, googly eyes, felt, etc.etc.etc. I have a few of these small blank books, and I can't say enough good things about them. They are just right to take outside when we need something more portable, and when Nomi noticed Jenny's main lesson book and expressed his interest {cough *tried to claim it for his own* cough} he was delighted beyond words when I gave him his very own tiny version. We also keep our play dough tray on the bottom shelf, {we like this recipe best, and I often add a few drops of lavender essential oils and/or a teaspoon of glitter} we keep it simple, I like to rotate out what other things they use so that we don't have to store a huge collection of things just for this purpose. A quick grab from my kitchen drawers keeps the game fresh. I try to not have more than one color at a time to avoid the inevitable mixing into tie-dye play dough...they don't seem to mind and it helps keep it nice for them longer. 

Although not visible in these pictures, I keep two baskets (keep an eye on them, they go on sale every now and then and are really lovely baskets that are probably worth the full price) on top to store "other things" kids don't really know what's up there so I'm able to keep surprises out of sight. They hold our large rolls of easel paper, and our larger puzzles (I label the back of each piece with a sharpie in a color to coordinate with the same mark on the board, then keep the pieces in a ziplock so I can store the puzzles standing up), as well as my super top secret stash of sticky notes and children wreak havoc with those two things but I am not quite ready to give them up for the sake of my children. *wink* I also keep my yarn swift and ball winder tucked up there for easy access whenever I have a moment! On the very bottom of the shelf I have two large felt baskets (also found at Target, but I can't find a link...I LOVE them, they're with the bathroom  vanity things, probably to hold towels or toilet paper?) that we use to house our duplo and wooden block collections. This keeps them handy for even Nomi and cleanup is a breeze...very win/win! Thank you for stopping by for a peek into our home! If you are interested in more on art supplies in particular, I would suggest you look at Ginny's wonderful post over at Rhythm of the Home on making art accessible to little ones!


  1. Wonderful set-up! You are such a great homeschooling mom! I love that the shelf is historical
    To Your family. And the letter writing basket is a great idea! I know someone here who might like to receive a letter. ;)

  2. Oh so very pretty! :) Lovely to find your blog, and get a little glimpse into your life.

  3. I love your "cosy spaces" :)
    I love the basket idea.
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog!
    New Follower :)

  4. Im enjoying your blog!! So glad I found you! Do you have homeschooling posts? Have a great night! ...close by in wv. Thanks for sharing, you are very inspiring!


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