Thursday, September 13, 2012

So good...

September. Somehow it's nearly half way through the month and I'm not exactly sure where those days have gone. Not in a life is too crazy way, but in a these days are so good right now kind of way. We are soaking up these calm, lazy days...the windows are open again, the kids are enjoying their new school routines, the meals are warmer and sooo yummy, the cups of chai are hot instead of iced, the knitting is flying off of my's all just so good. Everything feels simple, and soothing after the chaos of summer's heat and all of the rushing here and there... Fall is most definitely my favorite season, and while I usually view September as "October Eve", this year I find it claiming my attention...forcing me to exhale and let it all go. 

I'm embracing the shift. We paired down a lot when we moved, but I keep finding one more box or bin to fill up with things we don't really need...things that might bless someone else now instead of causing me grief simply by sitting around my house. The more I clear out, the simpler I want things around here to be...the less stuff I have to deal with, the more time we have for all that good stuff. The kids and I are soaking up more stories, baking, singing and taking more nature walks... fall is here now, and it's just...oh, so good.


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