Thursday, March 6, 2014

{Blogger Craft Swap}

I didn't mean to disappear again! Annoyingly, I messed up my wrist somehow and spent the entire month of February doing...nothing. No knitting, no dishes, no folding laundry, no vacuuming. I'm not sure how we survived honestly. I am still resting it, and doing just a few dishes at a time, and no knitting yet, but at least I can type! Before my wrist flaked out, I signed up for a blogger craft swap. Oh what fun! I received the sweetest package from Summer, (shown above). I feel totally spoiled! The little coasters are a huge hit here and I love their scrappy, homemade purple style. Nomi loves purple as much as I do, and his favorite shape is the heart, so I keep finding him sneaking these off to his room...I can't say I blame him! She also made me lemon salt that smells like heaven, and a darling little painted rock. She even tucked in some local coffee... This girl has me pegged! I love this whole idea of swapping... taking a bit of time from our busy days to make something just because, for a random person, just to brighten their day. Pretty good stuff. 

I had a bit of a tricky time getting my box together one handed (my mostly useless right hand at that) but thankfully sewing is pretty gentle so I don't think the contents suffered too much. I don't want to spill what I sent as my recipient hasn't gotten her box yet! The below peeks will have to do for now. Thank you Amanda for hosting all of us!


  1. ooooooh, well whatever it is, I like the looks of it! you had me at the brown toile.......
    thanks so much for participating! speedy healing to that wrist of yours!

  2. Lovely photos! It's fun seeing all your goodies again! I loved working with that purple and pinky fabric! I kinda wanted to keep the coasters for myself. :) I'm so glad you like everything! It really was a pleasure! Hope you heal up quick!! xoxo! -summer


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