Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{Keep Calm Craft On}

This lovely project got me through February's grey days. Simple and meditative, and pulled from my stash, this quilt was just the thing. A few prints are from my grandmother's stash, a few are from my trip to Maine, the rest are just bits and pieces I have picked up over the last several years from JoAnns or local quilt shops. It is all of my favorite colors, and it kind of gives me chills. That's probably silly but it's just so much goodness. 

 I started it just because I was craving the process of log cabin blocks...and I needed something to do while I'm not knitting. I started thinking even a pillow or two would be lovely, but by the time I finished it had grown to king sized! The overhang on my queen sized bed is dreamy... my grandmother uses king sized blankets on queen and double sized beds and I just love the weight of it. 

It is sitting for the moment, waiting for the batting to arrive, then I'm planning on tying it simply, and then there will be miles and miles of binding to sew on... maybe during a Gilmore Girls marathon? What is your favorite handwork show? Head over to Nicole's blog for more KCCO projects! 


  1. I LOVE the mix of darks and brights. Love it! And I get what you mean about overhang. My kids have wanted duvets forever, and when I can afford them I'll be getting double-sized ones for their single beds. Keep little backs warm in the depth of February! Thanks for stopping by my space!

  2. It's gorgeous, Mackenzie! When I spotted it in my blog feed it gave me chills, too! :-) I love all of the colors, and... just everything. It's the kind of quilt that your kids and grandkids will cherish. Lovely, lovely!


  3. Wow!! It is breathtaking!! What a beautiful project and truly a family keepsake!

  4. How fun! I've been watching you put this together on Instagram, and I think it's perfect. We love big bed coverings here too. Hope you make many more

  5. You know I love this, right?! Our color loves are so similar <3 And the gnomes!! Oh the gnomes!!! I think a Gilmore Girls marathon is just the thing to finish it up. I wish I could join you :) XO

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! This quilt is amazing! Our bed is king sized and I really dislike that even a king duvet barely covers it! Maybe I need to attempt an ultra huge king quilt! I love the log cabin style <3

  7. That is beautiful, I love the log cabin style the colours are soothing to me and would be a great addition to the bedroom!

  8. GORGEOUS quilt Mackenzie! Really, it is lovely!

  9. This is lovely! I love log cabin quilts. The colors are so beautiful on this!


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