Monday, April 5, 2010

A little bit at a time

That's my motto right now. I've been struggling the past few months with our family having seemingly endless rotations through flus, colds, viruses, and all things stuffy, which has led to A-LOT of backed up housework, and a complete stand still with anything even remotely under the umbrella of "creativity". Giving up buying yarn for Lent didn't help with that much, although I did take advantage of the break in incoming yarn to organize what I already had. However over the last few weeks I have been making progress, most of the rooms in my house are allot better than they were a few weeks before that, and I'm continuing to make forward progress there. Dishes are getting done more regularly (although it's only about once a day, it's still an improvement!), what toys we've kept are getting picked up at least twice a day, and bags of donations are still being filled and dropped off.
^ Right Now v
Establishing simplicity and order in our home is my first goal, it's not really very fun, but it is rewarding to see more and more clear, clean surfaces, and my kids (and husband!) are really happy about this new arrangement. Next I will be focusing on our daily and weekly rhythms, which I expect to be much more fun. I want to start documenting my goals and progress here, partly for a bit of accountability, maybe to inspire someone else, and certainly to look back on later and enjoy. So here are my goals for April...


Paint hallway & foyer
Finish painting in Jenny's room
Re-paint markered wall in Anthony's room (nothing else worked so that's just going to have to happen lol)
Finish decorating Jenny's room
Plan our garden
Sew a selection of place mats and napkins
Set up back porch for Spring and Summer (involves mending the screen in several places as it is a screened in porch)

There are about a million other things that I want to work on too, but these are the Big Things, I have to do about two things a week to get it done, but that will be a good rate I think. I have next weekend cleared for painting, so that will cover three of the things right there. And some of the things (making place mats & napkins) will be so much fun they wont feel like chores at all. I leave you with a yummy picture, recipe will be coming tomorrow!

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