Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas gifts:: Lots (and lots) of rice bags :)

This was pretty much the go-to Christmas gift this, really inexpensive and super easy to make, these might become my go-to gift for everything! Simply make an inner bag to whatever size you like, fill about 3/4 full with rice and whatever you're using for scent (I experimented with dried lavender, tea bags (2/cup of rice), and essential oils) sew "bag" shut and you're done! I like to also make a cover to, a)make them pretty and b) keep the inner bag cleaner longer. I did all of these with a little over 10lbs. of rice and stash fabric so the cost per bag is really, really low for a really wonderful gift. Win! :)
For the 2 I made to lay around the neck of the recipient I stitched a few channels once it was stuffed so it didn't all fall to the ends...
(Rosemary essential oil for Joe's grandmother)
Once finished I sealed each in a plastic bag so the scent would be nice and fresh, but it was also a convenient way to label the scent and add instructions for the user. :) (Above is lavender for my bil's 8th b'day)
Bobby's (lavender)

Jenny's (lavender)

To go with my brother Max's pj's (apple cinnamon spice)

I did a simple overlapping back on most of them, quick and easy to make and use!
For my bil-to-be Thomas (the long one is peppermint ess. oil and the square one is a fruity tea)

Jenny helped to make one for my youngest sister Zelie to match her pj pants, but I'm not seeing the picture right now...but we made her's with chai tea and it smells delightful! I also made my midwives each a lavender scented one...again I'll try to find pictures of those! We like to toss ours (without the cover) in the microwave for about 3 minutes...they are very hot when they come out, but that gives you time to stuff them back into the cover and get to wherever you're going to use it. Jenny and Bobby call them their "warmers" and like to tuck them down under their feet at night, much like a hot water bottle. :)


  1. Those are just wonderful Tilly! I think that may be something I will make for my family :-)

  2. Very nice, Tilly. I think it is a clever idea, and a homemade gift is always fun to receive.

  3. This is definitely a unique gift! Well, I would be happy to receive one, anytime! What I love about these rice bags is that they function in two ways. It helps you deodorize the place, and it can be used as part of your decoration. And the best part is, you can use and mix scents to your liking!


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