Monday, January 10, 2011

A tiny bit of knitting...

A few days a go I learned that my niece Zoey (who has a 3rd birthday coming up) had requested a giraffe for her big day...what perfect timing!! I get to look cool *and* break in my new book...perfect. :) A quick rumage through my stash turned up some lovely gold and brown yarns that will be perfect for a giraffe, and instantly prompted visions of a blue necktie. So, a nice gentlemen giraffe it is...for now anyway, Miss Zoey may turn him into whatever she likes!
This lovely book was a Christmas gift via a gift card from my parents. I love Susan B. Anderson's patterns, actually her hat book was the first knitting book I ever purchased! I can't wait to try out several of the others, but there is an adorable little hippo with Baby Three's name all over it! ;) Speaking of Baby Three, I started his or her Easter sweater! (because while I'm skeptical about March 31st showing any signs of this baby's birth, I am determined that they will be here by Easter!!) I will share more of that once I can get better pictures...a task that requires both daylight and me remembering to take them, which might not happen for a few days! ;)

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  1. Aw, how cute! Giraffes are the best. I love seeing your knitting projects!


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