Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nightgowns for Miss Jenny

Jenny has been (when she isn't giving people haircuts ;) growing like a weed this season, and the 4's and 5's that I thought would fit her through the winter simply wont last much longer! Warm pj's were the first thing on the list, and I couldn't resist making a few more things out of my favorite Simplicity 9968--she's at the biggest size now!
So, over the last week I've whipped up these two sweet nighties with some flannel from my stash.
I have been sewing for many, many years now, but this was the first time I was able stretch and sew the elastic for a cute ruffle! I've been trying for years, but it always ends with evil noises and gobs of thread being spit out of my machine and much tearful seam ripping. ;) Hurray for a new skill!
These sweet bears was actually from a stash hand-me-down from my mom!
Next up are a few warm tunic/jumpers for her with some simple warm pants for underneath! However my sewing machine took a tumble off of the table today so I have to find one more piece before I can see how much damage was (or was not!!) done to the inner workings.


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