Monday, February 14, 2011

100th Post!!

It seems that despite being a slacker blogger I have reached my 100th post!! In honor of that I wanted to share my first knitting pattern! This is a very simple little pattern for toddler sized fingerless gloves. I would say they would fit from about age 2-6, but it would be easy to add or subtract stitches (in multiples of 2) if your child has skinny or extra pudgy hands. ;) If you have any questions about any techniques used in the pattern feel free to ask questions!

You will need:
a set of 4 size 2 dpn's
a set of 4 size 3 dpn's
a stitch marker
A small amount of light worsted weight yarn (I knit this in Cascade 220 Superwash, which is almost a dk weight really)

Quick Fingerless Gloves for Toddlers

With size 3's CO 10 sts onto each of three needles, join for working in the round being careful not to twist stitches! Place marker for beginning of round. (30 sts total)

Rows 1-7: Work in k1p1 ribbing

Row 8: k all sts

Row 9: (increase row) *k2, k1fb- repeat from * to end of row (40 sts total)

Row 10-20: k all sts (this should be about 2" from CO edge)

Row 21: BO 5 sts loosely at begging of row, k to end of row (35 sts total)

Row 22: CO 5 sts with backwards loop method, k to end of row--make sure to replace marker once the sts are back on! (40 sts total)

Row 23-26: k all sts

Row 27-30: switch to size 2 dpn's and work in k1p1 ribbing

BO all sts loosely in pattern (I like to use a size 4 needle for the bind off), weave in ends and add any desired embellishment. Present to an adorable toddler!

(I'm happy to offer this pattern for free, but please do not reproduce this pattern or sell items made from this pattern without first talking to me!)


  1. When you have a blog it's amazing how quickly you forget all the time and effort you put into it. One day you turn around and are in shock that you've made one hundred blog posts.


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