Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A glimpse of right now

This post could also be called "lots of random pictures from my iphone" but I'm hoping you will forgive the grainy pictures for now...I'm hoping to get a new camera shortly after (or maybe right before?) Baby arrives...
Jenny's picture of herself (right) and Mommy (left)...cousin Zoey in the background ;)
Baby's blanket in the unplanned stash busting knit that I'm completely in love with!
Reading, "CHEESE", Reading, Reading, Reading...
"Bob is the easiest of all!"
My sister helped me paint our room a lovely shade of green...after about a week of intense
de-junking and rearranging I'm completely in love with my room, and looking forward to curling up with a sweet little armful of baby! :)
With only a few weeks to go, it is already time to get everything washed and feels so much more real now that everything is unpacked!!
Me and my baby belly as Jenny sees it....
Me and my belly as my mom's bathroom mirror sees it :-p
Bob, the nice dragon

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  1. Awww, love the pictures! :) And glad to see your pretty face, darling- you are positively glowing. Can't wait to see pictures of your wee one!


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