Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nesting Meets Spring Cleaning

I did not get the classic nesting bug with the first two pregnancies. The closest I came was making a nest of pillows on the sofa and curling up in it...thus my homes were never submitted to the whims of pregnancy hormones, and I never got the satisfaction of knowing every square inch of "xyz" was *PRISTINE*. Until this time around...Almost every room in the house has been scrubbed, de-junked (we're talking 20+ large black trash bags and several good will runs), and shoved around. A bit odd considering that Baby will not know, notice, care or remember, but somehow it's still important!! I say "almost every room" not because I'm not doing certain rooms, but because I'm just not finished yet. What will I do if I finish before Baby arrives???
I thought I would share a few pictures of our living room which my sister (who has helped me with everything!!) helped me overhaul today... this is sort of a season table, fitting our season of life right now, more than a nature table that would be specifically geared towards the outdoors. It has our spring books, our new baby books, and a few Easter books underneath, next to a wooden bowl of river rocks. (The top photo shows a collection of a few of the birds we have been seeing return, Jenny's bunny toy, a beautifully illustrated book and a Montessori-esque tray with a folding icon and small- for little hands- crucifix.)
This is one CLEAN sofa...underneath and inside were completely vacuumed...I want to make some pillow covers for the throw pillows but I'm not sure what fabrics to use yet...a survey of the stash is in order once I finish a few baby related items! Above is the beginnings of our family art wall; Jenny's water color of a peacock is on the left, and Bobby's water color of "Daddy in him's bathrobe" is on the right ;)
Their play area~ I need to fix that handle on the "oven" this week! I'm also getting ready to rotate some toys, I think Bobby is really hitting a point where he would like blocks, instead of just throwing them like he was a few months ago!
I am SO proud of these two plants...I am notorious for killing plants. I decided last fall that I would give it one more try and asked my grandmother to start a few plants for me. I figured starting with something "un-killable" was a must, and these baby plants coming from a plant that has been alive about as long as I have couldn't hurt either. ;) I am very pleased to say that I got them in early October (I think) and they are still alive!! There were a few close calls, but they always spring back... once I remember to start watering them again...

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  1. YEA..the plants did live!! I told you that you couldn't kill them !!!
    Your house looks just lovely.
    XXX Grammy


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