Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crafting On

A week or two ago I got a phone call from (one of) my lovely sister. She was at Target looking for a beret, but the only one they had was a sort of "eh" color. Now naturally she was calling to see if I thought the color mattered, or would it be over shadowed by the cute slouchyness? What was a knitting sister to do? As I stood there, up to my chin in painting my foyer/hallway in stripes (pictures soon!), I heard myself saying something like "Oh, well if it isn't pretty don't get it, I can make you one in like, two evenings!" It was agreed upon and I got back to my painting. I totally forgot about the hat, until a few days before my sister got into town. A quick trip to the yarn store yielded some yummy Rowan tweed in the perfect shade of purple... and it turns out I was right, you can totally make a beret in two evenings. ;-) 

(see? Totally Lovely Sister)

(Picture credit goes to my sister...or as she is the subject, I suspect my brother-in-law)

 Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams today for Crafting On, head over to see some other great crafty goodness!


  1. Thomas did take the pictures ;) Thank you so much again! I wear it all the time <3

  2. Gorgeous! I love the colour! You did a great job! I wish my sister was old enough to knit me things! ;)

  3. How lovely! And how nice to have a dear sister.


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