Thursday, February 16, 2012

{My Favorite Things ~ My Mama's Kitchen}

So I have been thinking of starting a series of posts of some of my favorite things. All sorts of things, some weeks might have one photo, some might have 30...but I thought it would be a fun way to share...if any of you readers would like to join in go for it! Just link back here please, and leave a comment with your post! This week I'm sharing some pictures I took in my Mama's kitchen...because even though I'm busy (most days) in my own kitchen, this is the one that always feels like home. 

{Not only is this just an awesome spot in the kitchen, it is one where most of my favorite things are in one place. My brother and I built her that pot shelf...power tools! And that is "my spot" there in front of the cookbooks, most often when I am over, you can find me and my bag of knitting tucked just out of the main path, near all of the hustle and's a good spot.}

 {Another Beautiful Sister}

 {Oh gappy toothed grin, I will miss you}

{I know exactly where I get my love for storing things in canning jars}

{The Cookbook Shelf}

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