Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{bird friend}

This lovely little bird was hanging out just outside our living room window the other day. A cloud was blowing through as I took these, and I just loved the color shift...I'm thinking it's a goldfinch? I know they get pretty mild looking in the winter, but from what I can tell maybe it's a Ms...? Any thoughts? My kids are major bird lovers here, they love to sit by a window, little notebooks and crayons in hand. Bobby does his best to identify the "bird friends", or at least describe them, and Jenny scribbles away in her book. Keeping the bird feeders filled is a very seriously attended chore around here, they are constantly on the lookout for another likely spot for yet another feeder... preferably where birds have been spotted and always in view of a window. 

Little chairs and stools are being pushed up against the first floor windows around here so that they can share these outdoor delights with Nomi. I wonder if you readers might have any suggestions for good soft soled outdoor shoes for little ones? Nomi loves to be outside and wants to run with the bigger kids, but his little boots (the only shoes I've found that fit his cube-esque feet!) are hard for him to get around in and he spends more time on his belly then running. I don't want him to get frustrated by this! Ideally I would like to find something warm, and durable  and perhaps even more water proof than not? I'd really appreciate any thoughts you mamas have!

I'm off to cozy up with some woodchuck cider and knitting and watch my current netflix obsession (Psych), and check this handy little chart every so often...


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