Sunday, November 18, 2012


{washing little boy wool}

This week is very busy...we've been in a flurry of cleaning and packing; trying to prepare for a (nearly) two week trip! I have been knitting like a mad woman every spare second I can squeeze in. My sister came over for a much needed extra pair of hands, and it was only a matter of time before I sat her down and made her knit offered her some knitting since she hadn't brought any. She was kind enough to knit the second sleeve of Bobby's sweater for me! I hate knitting sleeves. I think next time I will try knitting them separately  since the problem lies in the whole heavy sweater making everything cumbersome. I love top down sweaters, but I think that in the interest of finishing them quickly I need to explore other options. I am going to attempt to keep up the posting while I'm on my trip, lots of knitting updates and short posts I'm sure, but that is the goal. I thought I would try to do a color of the day, just so that I could focus on something...we shall see if anything comes of that! I'm off to snuggle babies into their beds so that I can finish up a bit of cleaning and then curl up with Numb3rs (on netflix) and....what else? My knitting! I have three projects actively moving right now, {side note: they are very different projects, on sizes 7, 10.5 and *19* needles!!} and several more waiting in the year I vow to divide my Christmas list between knitting, sewing, and something simple like baking!!


  1. It was smart to get your sis to help! I'm teaching my sister to knit right now!

  2. Have fun, travel safe. I love that orange sweater!

  3. Question: how often do you wash your woollen hand-knits? I'm afraid to wash them too frequently...

    1. I don't wash them too often honestly. For the bigger children/my things, I wash them if they are actually soiled or two or three times/season. More frequently for the toddler's things because he drools and is generally sticky. ;) I just wash whenever they seem to need a freshening up, but honestly they do go a while and seem just fine!


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