Friday, November 2, 2012

Waiting on Sandy...

{Warning, there are 35 pictures in this post...I edited it down from 80!}

We ran outside Sunday evening for a bit of leaf play before Sandy hit. We had finally finished our emergency-prep shopping and Nana's house visiting, (equally essential) and were already under high a wind warning, a flash flood warning, and a blizzard warning. We couldn't risk all of our leaves blowing away without one more stomp through them, so bundled up we braved the cold and delayed our super a few extra minutes. This is our first fall in this house, and it has been a glorious one. I missed getting pictures of the height of our colors, but they were truly breathtaking. Sandy has moved on now and we made it through without any major (really even without any minor) incidents. We only lost power for a few moments thankfully! 

This week has marked the official shift into cold(er) temps with our highs in the low 50's and lows nearing freezing. I had to give in an turn on our heating registers...even with our hats and rice bags at night! Since we moved in during June (without air conditioning) heating was the last thing on my this has lead to a whole lot of rearranging of furniture. In this tiny house that rather resembles a Rubik's cube inspire dance...but it is certainly much cozier now and I can feel my nose, so it's all good. Has winter reached you yet?

P.S. Knits in those post are found here, here, here, here, and here! The last link takes you to the pattern page, as my sister knit it but doesn't have it up on Ravelry yet. :)


  1. Spectacular photos, M'Dear. Thank you for the beautiful grandbabies, too. I love that they'll have memories of rice bags keeping them cozy at night. <3

  2. Great photos! Glad to hear you are safe. And love all those hand knits. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Love the pics! And so very glad to hear you made it through Sandy safely. We are finally hitting around low-mid 70's now with morning temps getting to mid-40's. Our heater is still off but ready to go :-)

    Lots of love,


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