Thursday, November 1, 2012

{trick or treat}

There is a chance that these are some of the worst costume photos you will see in blog land this year...the costumes however, are pretty fantastic (if I do say so myself!). Jenny requested a peacock...after a quick browse on pinterest I was sold on the idea of a tutu, it's just the basic "no sew" variety on elastic. We took several little feather bunches that were on sale (thankfully) at JoAnn's and I took them off of their wires and stitched them onto some sheer gold ribbon to be her tail. Bobby's spider legs are just halloween tights filled with plastic shopping bags, then strung together with thread (and by the end of the night at least one safety pin!)... Nomi (who is frequently called Domino by his sister) was, what else? A domino. And the cutest, plumpest domonio I've ever seen. My parent's house is in a great neighborhood for trick or treating, so we all meet up there and the cousins (and younger aunts and uncles!) all go together. It's also actually my sister's birthday so there are always at least a few birthday related things to do too. All in all it made for a fun (if chilly!) night, of fun for everyone. We don't make a huge deal about halloween, just good (not too scary please!) fun for all and a few days of much treasured candy treats. 

I'm going to be trying NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) and post every day (ok, probably not Sundays) this month...we have travel plans later in the month so we'll have to take each day at a time, but I have missed this place and sharing with everyone over the past few weeks so it's good to be back, and I hope you'll join me!



  1. They all look so wonderful in their costumes! I love those peacock tail feathers, very creative Mama!


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