Monday, June 10, 2013

{Monday Randomness}

 {So in love with his Grammie's train set}

{I eat massive salads for lunch most days...and love it} \

 {My final view at's a pretty great one, I think}

Okay so this picture...let's not look at the epic mess that often surrounds my chair. I assure you I tidy this space up about 100 times a day, but as it is most certainly the busiest spot in the house, it (despite my best efforts) generally looks like I run a home from it...oh wait. Just look at that outrageously funny girl, in the too-big-used-to-be-mine dress, drumming her fingers and waiting for me to come out of the bathroom so that she can use the hilariously creepy line "We've been expecting you, Mommy..." I just have to wonder where on earth she gets these things!! 

1 comment:

  1. Cool lights. The shadows remind me of looking up through a Christmas tree. Perhaps "outrageously funny girl" should consider supervillain as a career? Thing 1 and thing 2 would make excellent minions.


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