Saturday, June 8, 2013

{Saturday Morning}

{What pen, Eliza?}

It was funny to see that Ginny has started journaling a tiny bit every day...I've noticed that about this blogging community, ideas seem to sweep through us and then there will be a burst of posts that are hilariously related. I happened upon This lovely etsy shop full of the most beautiful handmade journals and treated myself for Mother's Day, {although had it been any other month I'm sure I could have come up with a reason to splurge, I mean, that paper alone is probably reason enough} and I am so glad I did! I don't quite write in it every day yet, but I'm working on the habit. Just a page or two every most mornings, about whatever is on my mind...plans for the day, thoughts on the day before, about the kids or house or life...just a little glimpse into my thoughts to look back on. Putting pen to paper is so satisfying, and everything about the feel of this little book is grounding. 

I thought I'd share a quick peek at my space. It's not exactly a desk, but it is the side table by My Chair as it looks this morning. A dolly jacket {made for me by my Grammy} with the ribbons needing to be untied {I remember working on those knots SO hard as a little girl and my mom probably untied them a million's funny that Jenny will have the same memory}, a sea shell bowl of whatever Nomi was cooking last night, more delicious rainbow yarn for winding {if you follow me on instagram you might be getting tired of this yarn...if that's possible}, the all important MUST NEVER GET LOST notebook, my essential morning coffee, and my favorite print... Just a little corner I've carved out right in the middle of everything...where I can work or rest or snuggle, or whatever else comes up. 

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oooh--your journal is prettier than mine!! :) Love the rainbow yarn too!

  2. What a lovely space - and such a pretty journal would inspire even the laziest journalist (me!) Love that quote from Ghandi too. Have a happy Sunday,

  3. i love little corner peeks into others' homes. :) and the journal---exquisite!


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