Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{Yarn Along}

Joining in with the yarn along fun today! The picture might not look like much, but now that I'm finished with the first round of baby projects, I have started first sweater!! Oh how exciting this pile of grey yarn is. I'm in absolute love so far, despite having to start it twice because of silly mistakes. I'm going with a simple top down raglan, with some customized fitting. I'm hoping this will be the perfect snugly sweater, just right for layering this winter. Ravelry details are {here} This sweater high is empowering...I have been meaning to knit myself one for some time now, and even have the yarn sitting around for two more...but the size of the project was so intimidating! Babies and kids are small...there's really very little pressure, but me? Eeek! The  siren call of the pretty yarn was just too tempting to resist however, and I figured this would be the perfect summer knitting project. A promise of cooler days ahead. We are in a heat wave right now {with no a/c} and frankly the thought of wearing wool is almost dizzying, but there is something comforting about seeing it there and knowing that before I know it I will be so glad for it's warmth. And then I start day dreaming about steaming mugs of vanilla chai, and crispy leaves, and thick socks, and I'm reminded to enjoy the hot sun while it lasts.

 Now honestly this last week has been insane and I haven't read a single word of my book. Ahem. I'm still hoping to read it before the end of June...I need to get to it! 


  1. I need that promise of cooler days ahead!!! We're sweltering here....and me, I always have to have wool in my lap!!! :)

  2. That's a great book! Just finished it and have now started on Raising Happiness (Christine Carter).
    Enjoy knitting your sweater, and enjoy wearing it this winter!

  3. you are going to love that sweater to bits. Congrats on casting on your first one, I'm sure it's going to be lovely!!

  4. Hope you enjoy knitting your jumper. That book is a great read, once you pick it up you won't want to put it down!

  5. How wonderful to be knitting yourself a sweater - I have been dreaming up a pattern to hopefully make one for myself too.
    I just love that book and have been enjoying a support group that is based on this philosophy of parenting.

  6. How fun that you're starting your first sweater! You'll love it when you're finished. :) Summer reading can be so hit and miss since there's just so much life to be lived each day! Enjoy your book when you get to it. :)


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