Friday, June 7, 2013

{30 Days Dressed:: Week One}

So these are certainly not award winning pictures, and I don't actually have a picture for today, but the idea is there, right? I am having a bit of an extra challenge this week because our washing machine died...and the new one wont be here until Tuesday? Wednesday? Obviously I am hoping for Tuesday, but the guy at Lowe's said Wednesday to be safe...I wonder how long I can keep my fingers crossed? We are also in the midst of the major ups and downs of Virginia's spring weather. So those first few days had me wishing for tank tops (and a/c) and these past two wet days have made me glad I kept out cardigans! I also learned that when you have a limited wardrobe you treat stains just as soon as possible...and that cold water run through from back to front will get blood out of most things. {Nomi split his chin open and then wiped it but it all came out!! Oh, and he is quite fine, he does it too often to be bothered much by it! BOYS} Also--aprons. How have I been living without them?? Seriously folks, I don't know why everyone doesn't just wear aprons all of the time. So over all things have been just fine, I feel dressed and pulled together, yoga pants have been reserved for major work (being extra careful without a washer right now) and over all I am really happy with things! I think long term there are some adjustments to be made but I do think I'll make it through the month just fine. Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I did slightly break the rules and I'm wearing a hat today...but it's wet and cold and my hair just...well, a hat was definitely the best option! 


  1. Enjoy your that it's "real life".

    P.S. I'm a friend of your mom's ;o)

    I blog at

  2. Woohoo! One week down. I think I might have to try this next month, my closet needs a big overhaul too, so many items I never wear hiding in there!


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