Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello there, how was your weekend?

Ours started out well, it was dreadfully hot and humid Saturday, but we are learning to save our busy tasks for morning and later in the evening, by lunch time we are slowing down and by 3:00 we are all basking under fans with books or legos or (ahem) pinterest. (Does it count as mindless pinning if you're planning interesting unit studies carefully based around your children's interests? I thought not.) Thankfully the temps are supposed to start dropping a bit and I'm anxiously awaiting those promised "highs in the low 80's" next week.

Saturday afternoon we were just about to head out on some errands (our favorite excuse to ditch the humidity and bask in our car's a/c) when the Neighbor Mama stopped by and invited Jenny and Bob to join them at the creek. A flurry of towels and swim suits later, and they were out the door and Nomi was sobbing in confusion at this betrayal of his "me too" rights. A special bowl and some raisins quickly convinced him there were some perks to having Mommy's undivided attention... The fun and excitement continued when just the two of us made our planned trip to Lowe's. You see not one, but BOTH sinks in our farm house were backing up every time we turned the water on. The dishes were piling up and the bathroom needs a scrubbing and well, TODAY WAS THE DAY. I forgot how easy errands with one delightful toddler are! No bickering, no fighting...bliss I tell you. He got the fancy car shopping cart all to himself (he shouts "WHEEEEE" whenever we are walking) and I actually had time to compare the flashy claims on the front of the drain-o type products. I remembered something Bobby had been saying to himself and decided to grab one of those long pipe cleaning pincher things too. A trip through the nursery section (that had Nomi squealing with delight) for just a few more roses, and then back over our lovely mountain to home. I had great success with both sinks, although the kitchen was particularly stubborn. The bathroom was indeed because they had dropped a toothpaste lid down the drain...handy grabber thingy to the rescue! I even got most of the dishes done before the big kids got home.

Our puppy has been sick this week, and I'm not sure if round one of antibiotics did the trick...she gets so sick from time to time; it really freaks me out to see her down. On top of all of the issues we brought her to the vet for, she has a double ear infection that she DOES.NOT. want treated. She's probably headed back to the vet early this week, because I don't want to risk a minor thing turning into a big thing again. Once a month is my limit. {Update: she seems to be doing somewhat better with the addition of probiotics at meal times, I forget the vet never sends enough...maybe we can avoid a second trip!!}

Sunday has been just...quiet. I've been working on some space improvement in our living room while Nomi played near by and the big two "cleaned their room" (read: hid from getting jobs and added legos to their already covered floor...where does the stuff come from??). Some thunderstorms rolled in later in the day and the humidity finally gave us a break. Once the kids are snuggled in for the night I'm thinking a girly movie Little Women? P&P? The other P&P? S&S? Tough choices ahead for sure...and of course there will be knitting for all of the tiny babes about to arrive in our many summer babies this year!

I hope your weekend was restorative! I'll be back to share some crafting progress as soon as the sun comes out long enough for photos...

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