Wednesday, July 18, 2012


{snow flakes in July}

This week I'm busy....

~taking Muffin to the vet

~changing our address on lots and lots of things

~organizing new school supplies

~hanging out with my sister

~grocery shopping with my whole gang

~FINALLY watching Once Upon a Time and LOVING it

~finalizing some potty training with a certain someone

~finalizing some potty training with Muffin

~crossing things off of my list before my birthday--I want to start my fresh year with a fresh list!

~missing my hubby...I always do around holidays and birthdays...and everyday

~knitting away on Nomi's sweater and my (other) sister's graduation shawl

~cleaning the house up before the landlord comes tomorrow to fix a few door knobs and show me how to change the water filter (hopefully that will fix our water pressure problems! Oh to be able to shower and do laundry...heck even to wash dishes AND flush the toilet would be great!)

~marveling at my fresh pedicure...I just love this black cherry color

~unpacking thank-you notes so I can drop one in the mail for the yummy dinner our friends/new neighbors just brought us!

What things are keeping you busy right now?

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