Monday, July 9, 2012

Parenting Milestone:: First ER Trip

I had every intention of posting last week...I had a plan, not a huge one, but a plan at any rate. The first half of the week was kind of a wash because we were coming down with a cold. And there might have been a few hormones...and a taste comparison of herbal PMS teas...*ahem*...and it's a good thing we have two jars of nutella in this Wednesday was fun and exciting with dinner at my family's house and an unexpected fireworks show viewed from our driveway, with a thunder/lightening storm rolling in behind it...that was a breathtaking highlight for sure! I missed my fella though...fireworks are our thing, and I have been seeing them with him for the last...10-ish years...(I should do an "our story" post's dorky and cute!) Thursday was a nice simple day...we caught up on "So You Think You Can Dance" at my mom's house (we don't have dish, or even a tv at our house)...and Bobby got sick. By the evening the "emergency room" words were getting tossed around, but I was reluctant...he has always gotten colds badly...often having croup-like episodes, but without the panic and that awful cough. I decided to try our usual vaporizer and vitamin c before bed routine and see how it went. I'm not one to go to the hospital if I can help it, and I didn't want to expose him to any nasty(er) germs if it could be helped...but by 6:00 the next morning, it had taken a turn for the worse and couldn't be helped. My sister and I loaded up into the car and headed over the mountain with a very sick, alarmingly pale little boy. By the time we had made a pit stop for potty breaks at my mom's (because at the very least we were going to avoid the hospital bathrooms!! YUCK) we got there and the waiting room was blissfully empty. An excellent round of nurses later, the doctor determined that we were dealing with a full on asthma attack, and set us on the usual rounds of nebulizer treatments and steroids. This little man was *amazing*. He chatted with the nurses (once he had enough air), had me read him every single label he could see, compared his rainbow-y phoenix tattoo with the doctor's less-temporary tribal ink and and made the x-ray nurses giggle at his delight at having his bones "pictured". He even ate the red popsicle -post-medicine- without freaking out that it wasn't orange. (No small deal in his usual world.) Once home he was the cool kid, sharing his great life adventure stories with everyone. Nomi is completely taken with the nebulizer, thinking that if possible, Bobby has gotten even cooler. *wink* Oh these boys of's so fun to watch their interactions as they grow closer and transition into their own sibling relationship. 

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{Telling Daddy ALL about it}

Here's my current getting-back-in-the-groove knitting project. I haven't done anything since late May and I'm going crazy!! I'm making Zilver, with yummy Sweet Basil yarn. I'm loving it so's incredibly simple, which is perfect for going with some, twaddle-y netflix shows, a divine sampler from my friend's latest endeavor, lots of hot tea (because of course we now all have this cold), and a bit of window shopping. I'm hoping to re-start my posting every day plan, but while we recover from this cold it will likely be fairly simple. Tomorrow is the last full day of a three week visit with my dearest, oldest I'm off to go soak up these last few hours before we send her back to the west coast! 

xoxo, M  


  1. Poor Bobby. I must say that he looks very much like a big boy in those pictures. He's adorable!!

  2. First of all..I can't believe that is Bobby! He has grown up so much :-)

    Second...I am so glad that the ER visit went so well and good job little man! Kids seem to either freak out or blow one away with their amazingness :-) I hope he is feeling much better and I hope you all kick that cold soon!

    Lots of love,

  3. He was so brave! I just want to give him a big HUG! Hope there hasn't been any more trouble. Call when you can...we are here! Can't wait to see everyone!

  4. I love to read your blog and follow your family life, but I was so sorry to read this post, I am really glad that he is on the mend but it must have been horrible to go through. Love to you all!

  5. Mackenzie, I understand how this feels- the waiting to see "is it really necessary?" and then realizing it truly is necessary. . . I haven't had to do ER, but have had to rush my child to the doctor because of being very sick (pneumonia).
    That blue yarn is so beautiful.


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