Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{crafting on}

Inspired by my friend Melanie's post last week, I decided to go ahead and get started on the children's fall and winter woolens. Although he has received several mama-made items, Nomi has never had a sweater all his own! Obviously this had to be fixed first, so after an indulgent evening on ravelry I have settled on the Greener Pastures pattern. I just love the garter between the rib on the front, I think it will be wonderfully squishy over his oh-so-squishy belly. I decided to make the 2 year old size, he's growing so quickly and I think it will increase the odds that he can actually wear it all winter. The oh-so-yummy yarn is from Sweet Basil again, I love, Love, LOVE her colorways and yarns! I am hoping to have enough yarn left from this project to make his dolly-to-be a matching sweater. I have big waldorf style doll pans for this fall. I've only made one before so I'm very excited to dive into a little deeper and create special babies for my special babies. 

I am thinking of using the same pattern for Bobby, but I want to see how the proportions turn out first...he's pretty skinny, but wears a "ready to wear" size 5, and the size 6 sweater says it has a 30" finished chest measurement...which seems huge? Maybe? I think I need to measure one of his current shirts and base it off of that. Jenny will (finally!) be getting her Phoebe sweater. I got it about 75% of the way done last winter, but then it got too big to knit on while I was nursing Nomi and it's way to warm to sit under right now. But that will be a quick finish once it starts to cool off a bit. My birthday is this weekend, and after that I'm really over summer. I'm a fall girl, and this month's upper nineties/low hundreds degree temps has really made me ready for it! Especially in this new house in the woods...the colors will be gorgeous!! Off to make great headway on the rest of the unpacking...I have declared that we will be completely finished, organized, and decorated in six weeks--before school starts! 

Head over to my friend Nicole's link up to see more crafty goodness!


  1. I really, really like that color! And I cracked up about your 'spider free' household quip. We're certainly not (old house surrounded by trees), despite my quiet desire that we might be.

  2. Those needles are rocking my knitting world :)

  3. Love the color yarn you picked...nice rich color for the fall!! Congrats on the new house too, it's my first time visiting your sweet blog!!

  4. yes, give me fall and winter any day over these unbearable temps!! you will be so ready---love the color---love the pattern!


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