Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crispy Bliss

{Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, rainier cherries, and some black apricots}

{3 cups oats, 1.5 cups sugar, 3/4cup flour, 1/4 cup cold butter} 

{Two sweet helper boys}

 {pre-made crusts...shhhh}

 {so, so pretty, and it smelled like summer in a bowl}

{That much topping made enough for two apple + the berry's really the ratios that matter}

So much to do lately, we just needed to stop and do something just for fun this afternoon. The pump in our well seems to have died/been hit by lightening (!!) so our landlord spent the afternoon diagnosing the problem and seeing what would need to be done to fix it. He got a crisp. :) Did I mention the 100* temps he was working in?? I know it's his job and all, but I still think he earned a crisp! We needed to use some of the fruit up before it spoiled (it's so hard to keep produce for more than a few days, even in the fridge...this heat is just dreadful). 

Tomorrow is grocery/errand day, and then a quiet weekend ahead with my birthday on Sunday! I anticipate a lovely day at home, with knitting and baby hugs, and there are rumors of cake and surprises. *wink* I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the well pump will be all taken care of tomorrow so that we can get caught up on laundry and cleaning...I'm going a bit crazy and now that the water has been shut off over night, I'm feeling smothered by the urge to WASH THINGS. That's just the way it goes though, isn't it? Instead I'm forcing myself to focus on menu planning and grocery list making and the always exciting job of organizing school supplies...oh yeah, and there's that unpacking thing too...nearly finished with all of the boxes....really just those odd storage/out of season things and my crafting supplies are left! Both need to get weeded out again, even though we cut way back when we were moving. Less (stuff) is more (space for sanity) in the lovely farm house of ours...every box unpacked and every shelf tidied is another space that feels more like home than anywhere else we have ever's a good, happy feeling. And now it smells like apple crisp and new crayons so really, I think this day has been an overwhelming success, don't you think?


  1. Wow these picures made my mouth water! Looks super delicious!!!

  2. I love it when you post homemaking things!

  3. This look delicious, and a perfect use for all the fruit that is coming ripe. Do you have a favorite pre-made GF pie crust that you like?


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