Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012

*~Down to just a few of these~*

*~I documented the first day I didn't wear "moving clothes"~*

*~The first thing I unpacked~*

July. How did that happen? June is a total blur, but over all I would say it's a good blur. So much living happened, but not a whole lot of pictures I don't have much to show on here. July however, is one of my favorite birthday, my best friend's annual visit from CA, and this year, the worst parts of moving are over and now we get to feather our nest and settle into *HOME*! With an important birthday coming up I have been doing a lot of thinking (as any introvert would), and I have decided that one thing I really want to work on is this blog. With my hubby away right now, a move, three little kids, and just so much *LIFE* happening, I really want to document these days...and most days my hubby can see the blog, so it's a nice way for him to keep up with our busy little life. So I've committed to blogging every single day in the month of July! I'm very excited to get started. I am hoping that after a month I will have found what time of day works best for my blogging, and have played around with style and content enough to have settled into my groove. So I look forward to seeing you here more, please leave a comment if you don't mind...I *LOVE* hearing from you!! 



  1. This is so wonderful! Love that you're joining me in the daily blogging routine ;) xoxo! eliza

  2. Yay! For feathering nests and daily blogs :) I resolve to be a daily commenter!

  3. Excellent! I always love reading your blog my dear :-)

    Lots of love,

  4. Blogging every day! You'll be inspiring I'm sure!
    What are those cute sandals?


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